Cowboys Have Record Breaking Start


Mason Thomas, Sports Writer


The Cowboys are currently leading the NFL with the best record– which is 10-1. They are breaking their Franchise record for 10 wins in a row and are still going. This organization is led by their all around amazing team, their pass defense may not be the best but their rush defense is 3rd best limiting their opponent to 81.8 yards per game. Their offense is a different story, 4th in the NFL while getting 157.3 rushing yards per game, and getting 280 pass yards per game.

The Rookie Quarterback Dak Prescott has truly shown his confidence on the field while this being his first year in the league. He recently broke Tom Brady’s record of 162 passes without an interception, Dak recently got 176. Their running game is another Huge part of their Offense. Ezekiel Elliott who is another record holder this year for most rookie rushing yards and he broke that in just 10 game while it took others the whole season. Elliott has 1,199 yards averaging about 5 yards per carry, with 11 touchdowns this year.

“He has, for a big man, he has a real burst. He has a gear when he sees a hole, then he’s got lateral skills. Those combination of things, plus he punishes at the end, will complement and fit what we’re all about and will remind you, we don’t have to all the way back to Emmitt [Smith], probably remind you of some things we’ve done with [DeMarco] Murray” said Jerry Jones (owner, president of Dallas Cowboys).

The main reason why Dak will stay in the pocket for 6 seconds and Elliott will find a running hole every time is because the Cowboys have the best Offensive line. The line consists of the LT Tyron Smith, LG La’el Collins, C Travis Frederick, RG Zack Martin, RT Doug Free. Travis Frederick who led the NFL last year for pass blocking which was 98.7  tied for the mark among centers. The offensive-line cannot be stopped they are the best in the league and are giving Dak just enough time to make the right pass.

The cowboys have had a rough patch in the past couple years. They are called to be in a “drought” because they are of few teams who haven’t won a playoff game since 2014. That was when they had RB DeMarco Murray who is still a record holder there.

Many believe that this drought is because of Tony Romo who has had a couple of back surgeries and has had to leave many seasons early.

He has been with the Cowboys since 2003, breaking many records and setting the bar for the upcoming Quarterbacks for the Cowboys. Dak surely has shown his talent and is looking to set that bar higher. With Romo out and a true rookie taking his place this could be the beginning of something big.

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