A Heart Breaking End to an Amazing Season

Mason Thomas, Sports Editor

The East High Varsity girls soccer season has just ended in a heartbreaking defeat in the state championship against Timpview. The game ended 2-0, although there was no score at halftime. Their season was a whole different story, they couldn’t be stopped.

As I interviewed one of the players she said that they didn’t expect to beat Woods Cross because they haven’t beaten them this year. But that game turned out to be a “Miracle,” said Charlie. I asked why was is a miracle she then responded, “Well we were trailing at half then with 15 seconds to go Emily Jensen scored.” it truly was a miracle. With the win in the semi-finals that moved them to play the Championship.

The start of the season looked different from the past years, “We were communicating with each other and then we started rolling past these teams.”

We can see that they are working hard and trying to perfect every shot they shoot. They showed what they learned this season but it wasn’t enough to bring home the trophy.

The next season is going to be a difficult with all of the seniors leaving. The team relies on these players but now the younger grades have a chance to show what they can do. All of these players have shown their skill but one player has gotten attention from other teams, sophomore Emily Jensen has truly shown her confidence on the field with older players. She has averaged almost one goal per game. She is expected to match her stats for next year and hopefully make it to state again.