East Unseats the Greatest High School Team of All Time

Mason Thomas, Sports Editor

After a 17 hour long bus ride to concord, California, our East high Leopards played a very big Football game. It was a high school football game– one of the greatest football games, ever. This wasn’t a championship game, but each team can boast dozens of state championship titles including last year’s for both. The home team hails from Northern California in Concord. This school borders the cities of San Francisco and Oakland.
For 25 years, no high school football team has touched De La Salle. A record 151 straight wins. Six state championships. Bestselling books have been written about this team. Even a Hollywood movie. This team has to have over a hundred of their players move onto to college. There are 12 players in the NFL that played football while in high school for De La Salle.

In addition, De La Salle had not lost at home since…..1992.

That was a long time ago. 1992 was when the Buffalo Bills last made it to Super Bowl. When anyone talks about the greatest all time Football teams like the New England Patriots, University of Alabama and the University of Miami, you have to include the football team from De La Salle High School. They are a real High School Football dynasty.
But you know the rest of the story already. East High School came into town. While this California team hadn’t lost for 24 years, this game was a very close and tight game east pulled out with a victory–hitting a 40 yard field goal to win 23-21. East High School Football made their own very special history when they went and played in front of that undefeated home team crowd and won.
People are talking about us now. Around Salt Lake City and around Utah. There’s a new dynasty being born. East High School Football is on the map….and that map is the entire country.