Ghana Junior High School Technology Project

Mia Girardi, Hard News Writer

With the help of Clayton Middle School’s C&A classes, technology has been brought to Adankwame Junior High, in Ghana. They are now hoping to enhance English language learning with the help of summer school.

The team had recently raised enough funds to equip the school with some technology.The school currently has a 20 station computer lab, every teacher was given a laptop, and six classrooms have projectors and document readers.
With all of the technology they have received, students of Adankwame Junior High are now more involved in learning. The project is “increasing attendance, eliminating tardiness, and doubling the enrollment of students coming from the primary grade to 7th grade” (loveutgiveut). With more devoted students, the need for summer school increases.
The team wishes to start summer school for the students in Ghana to strengthen their English skills. They are hoping to collect enough funds to pay for electricity, internet, and teachers’ time, over the summer. $10 will pay for 1 week of internet service, $25 will pay for one teacher’s salary for summer school or after school computer lab for 1 week, and $50 will pay for two teachers salaries for summer school or after school computer lab for 2 weeks.
Not a single student in Ghana has access to a computer or internet at home, so along with summer school, the request of a computer lab has also increased.
In order to achieve this, the C&A students have started many fundraisers. A website was made on Love ut Give ut where people can donate. They are also selling masks made in Ghana. The masks were shipped here, and are being sold at Clayton Middle School. The students have started many other fundraisers too.
After the first email was sent, the Ghanaian students have been completely engaged in their school work. They have been wanting to learn more English so they can better communicate with their virtual pen-pal. Because of the project, the students are committed and ready to learn. The behavior and participation in class and achievement is increasing dramatically.
With better academic supplies the core had also improved, making the students far more interested in their lessons. By using more than just a simple chalkboard the class is experiencing much more vivid information then they had with a text book.
The project began when Mrs.Hunt, a teacher from Clayton Middle School, and Rickie McCandless were discussing about the school over winter break. That was when they had the idea of having Mrs.Hunt’s C&A students email with other students from Ghana. The project grew to the point where all C&A students were joining. And as the project expanded the Junior High in Ghana had needed more computers and a better internet signal.
Now more determined than ever, the team is currently trying to build a school in Ghana. Word is spreading and the team is closer than ever to their goal.