Letter From the Editor


Meya Smith, Editor-In-Cheif

Hello East Leopards, I am your new Editor in Chief! My name is Meya Smith and I am eager to bring this year’s news to you.  We will be covering Hard News, Arts and Entertainment, Sports, and Student Life. We will also have an Opinion section.  We’ll be publishing at the end of every month, so please be sure to check it out!

We are lucky to welcome a majority of fresh new talent to our staff. We’re currently headed by Ms. Wilson, one of East’s many wonderful Language Arts teachers. This year, our editors will be Kristi Harris for Hard News, Mason Thomas for Sports, Rosi Laulu for Opinion, Tiare Mitchell for Student Life, and Karina Lopez for Arts and Entertainment. They bring with them a combination of serious and fun tones to make our newspaper amazing.

In my opinion, it is imperative for students of East High School to remain updated on the news of the world. I feel you should keep yourself informed of those around you and be conscious of  their thoughts, opinions, and experiences. Possibly, even get inspired by the stories you read here. Journalism can be helpful in so many ways to students- including the ability to polish your writing skills. We encourage letters to the editor, as well as pictures from any events here at East.

Have a great year students and faculty– It’s a great day to be a Leopard!