Baby Rescued From Rubble After Six Hours


Mason Thomas, Reporter

A Japanese family finally reunited with their 8 month old baby who was trapped under rubble that was caused by a 6.2 earthquake. To get this trapped baby, it took over fifty men who had to pick up the rubble and find a way to get her out of there. This family wasn’t the only family that was scared for a loss; there were nine killed and more than 800 injured in this event.

Miraculously, when they found the baby after six hours, they were astonished that the 8 month old baby that was in the house when it collapsed was perfectly unharmed. This was not the only house that was damaged; there were houses like hers as far as the eye can see.

This 6.2 earthquake was late Thursday night when nobody was expecting it to hit. There is also the warning of aftershocks that can be a bad as the first quake.  

The earthquake took place close to the town Ueik. Japan is expecting more after this one. This is the second one in Japan this week. The second hit Japan’s region Kumamoto and this time it was bigger than the last one. It was a 7.0, with a depth of 6 miles. There have been warnings of tsunami.