Nuclear Weapons in North Korea

Mason Thomas, Reporter

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North Korea, the country that we know the least about, has launched two short range ballistic missiles overnight. They were shot from North Hwanghae providence, the Missiles were shot towards South Korea causing raising tensions between  these two countries. The South Korean Joint Chiefs are monitoring the missiles in case they were headed for South Korea. These missiles are armed with nuclear warheads which are deadly, and could be used as a threat against South Korea.

South Korea has 17, 000 U.S. Military and also 300,000 ready in training in case things go down.  Because of this training, North Korea got suspicious and launched these missiles because they do not trust many countries. According to CNN, Kim Jong Un has ordered more nuclear tests to show that they have power and are not afraid. South Korea is now strengthening up their defensive system in case this is a threat.

Earlier this week Kim Jong Un said that “Nuclear warheads need to be ready for use at anytime.” This can get other countries suspicious about all of their warheads and that they are not afraid to use them at anytime. There definitely is a possible chance that North Korea already has miniaturized a nuclear warhead which can cause maybe World War 3. Kim Jong Un has recently conducted a meeting with many scientist who know how to make missiles like no other. North Korea definitely are thinking about missiles to have for a threat against other countries and use them for damage. We need to keep an eye on those missiles and what they are planning to do.

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