Climate Change At It’s Worst

Mason Thomas, Reporter

Warm weather sounds nice, especially during winter, but it has a dark side to it. 2015 was the warmest winter yet,  and when it’s warm all year round it’s not good for the polar region (Antarctica). When it gets unusually warm in Antarctica it starts to melt away, which is what is happening right now. When these giant icebergs sink, the oceans over flow which can cause houses on the coastlines to flood. Right now in the United Nations there are over 100 million people who do not have a home because their house is underwater. These people have nowhere to go. This can happen in more places than just the United Nations.

This problem didn’t just occur and this isn’t Mother Nature’s fault.  This is our own fault. This happens because we don’t take good enough care of our planet. All of this pollution is ruining our earth. There are many ways to stop this pollution. You can carpool with friends, drive an electric car, recycle etc. The gases that our cars give off go into the atmosphere and it doesn’t leave, it’s like a box filling up with gas. That pollution then comes down and affects everyone and everything.

This pollution isn’t just bad for humans but animals. The bad air is heating up the atmosphere and melting the icebergs which is rising the sea levels. There are people that have nowhere to go because of the rising sea levels there houses are flooded underwater. This is not going to stop until all of Antarctica is gone and half of the planet will also be gone and overpopulated, until we do something.