Riot in Monterrey, 52 killed

Mason Thomas, Reporter

Last night, February 10, there was a prison riot between two rival gang leaders. Nobody knows why the fight originally started. This fight lasted a couple of hours and took a lot of people to stop because when the fight was going on somebody lit two fires in the prison. Not only were 52 killed but 12 are still in critical condition.

Surprisingly, this riot happened 2 days before Pope Francis came to Mexico. The Pope is coming to visit most of the biggest drug cartel places in Mexico. Why? He’s coming to the most dangerous places because he grew up in Mexico and he wants to stop gun and drug violence in Mexico.

This isn’t the first time a couple of deaths occurred in this prison. On February 2012, three inmates were stabbed to death. During that same month there was another riot which ended up with 44 inmates were dead while 30 escaped. The year before the top security guard was found dead and there was a note on the body saying it was a drug cartel.

Nobody knows why there was a riot last night but all we know is that the fight was between two leaders from gangs and those two gangs were rivals.