The Presidential Super Bowl

Mason Thomas, Reporter

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Never before in American history have we seen a presidential race shaping up like the one we have this year. We have a wife of a former president, a billionaire business tycoon, renegade senators, and an out of the closet Marxist, all rolled into one exciting campaign year.

On Monday, February first, the voters in Iowa will have decided who their favorite Republican and Democratic candidates are. The state of Iowa marks the beginning of this campaign’s primary caucuses. Our country uses this caucus method like the NFL uses their playoffs. By the time the last state narrows down their choices of their voter’s favorite Republican or Democratic, our country will be ready for the final countdown. But this time, we won’t be cheering between Cam Newton and Peyton Manning. This show down will come down to Hilary and Trump. Or Cruse and Bernie. Or Jeb, or Rubio, or Huckabee, all facing off against Bernie or Hilary. The possibilities are exciting.

What is so interesting about this election year is that we have the most liberal and conservative men and women ever who believe they are best suited to run our government and country. Left or right, they don’t agree at all with each other except on one thing:  they all can’t stand each other. None of these candidates seem to have a friendship with each other. Leading up to Monday’s Iowa caucus, all of the candidates have taken part in many nationally televised public debates where their distrusting and disliking of each other’s views were obvious to every viewer.

Love them or hate them, you will always have to say that these presidential candidates all reflect a piece or slice of our country and its voters. No matter what happens in politics, we should all be very attentive and very entertained by this presidential race.

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