No-Kill in Utah Humane Society

Meya Smith

The Humane Society in Utah has been in business for 55 years and has reached their goal of practicing the No-Kill policy for cats and dogs. The No-Kill policy essentially means that all animals that are treatable will be saved, those that are in a condition that cannot be made better by veterinarians will unfortunately be euthanized. The KSL report ‘Utah Humane Society reaches No-kill goal in 2015’ tells that dogs had the status earlier; however, this is the first time cats are included in the policy. This may come as a shock considering the shelter’s high number of felines.

Petful’s article ‘3 Big Reasons Why Animal Shelters Euthanize Pets’ discusses reasons such as illness, aggression, and over-population. If an animal is overly aggressive, they may pose a threat to families that may possibly adopt the animal. Some may believe that having such animals put down is only to ensure safety in communities. At the Humane Society, pets with an illness would be a reason animals are put down, however, over-population would not. That doesn’t mean overpopulation is not a problem. American Humane states that felines are more commonly euthanized because they are less likely to have any owner identification.

Animal shelters take in an abundance of lost or stray animals and they can’t take care of every animal. You can help! The Humane Society encourages many to adopt. If you have any questions, the site provides a list of answers. Go to to learn more.

Still not convinced adopting is for you? Studies show that having a dog will better your health. They can be great when dealing with stress and they are a good companion to have around and be active with. Purina enlisted the conclusion that dog owners go to the doctors 8% less than those that do not have pets as a good reason to have a pet. Cats show to be good to have around, too! In the same study, Purina said that cat owners go to the doctors 12% less often. Spending time with cats is shown to soothe a person. Whether you’re a dog or a cat person, pets help children to learn to take other people’s feelings into account and are there for children, and adults, to confide in. Having a pet around has multiple benefits and is up to you to decide what kind of pet you enjoy most.

Treat your pets well and they will do the same for you Utah!